Video Montages


No special occasion is complete without a creative, custom video montage.

But why have a boring Powerpoint slideshow if instead you can have a custom video which will blend pictures, home videos, music and special effects? This video will be sure to entertain your guests as well as be a special keepsake for years to come. This will be the highlight of your Bar / Bat Mitzvah, wedding or special event.

Mikki Kowal's Bar Mitzvah Presentation


This presentation I created while I was a one year graphic art student.

This was created exclusively in Microsoft Powerpoint. At the time I didn't even have Photoshop to assist me.

You'll notice that even despite the sophistication of the tools at hand, here is a fun, creative, professional presentation. This slideshow had everyone bopping! And if you notice, the music is entirely A Capella since the Bar Mitzvah took place during the 3 weeks when instrumental music is not allowed.

This was the Motzei Shabbat treat that everyone looked forward to.


Eli Krauss's Bar Mitzvah Video Presentation


This video takes Bar Mitzvah Presentations to a new level.

With sophisticated software, this video features a complete "face-morph" of the Bar Mitzvah boy, special effects and transitions, and even a real "light-saber" fight scene (a special request from the bar mitzvah boy).


I work together with you to create a cohesive storyline, make creative ideas come to life, and weave pictures, video and music into a fun, unforgettable video.


"The Tales of Chanah Sara Gofer"


This Bat Mitzvah video begins with a magical movie trailer followed by the "feature presentation". You'll see the combination of different visual and audio media into one cohesive video. I weave together your videos and pictures into a seamless blend. As a musician and dance teacher, I have a real ear for music and rhythm, and I enjoy synchronizing your pictures and videos to music.

You and your guests will feel the seamlessness of the combination.

Every transition is carefully thought out and considered.

Kayla Krauss

Graphics and Multimedia Studio